7 errors in home security

December 19, 2019

Our home is one of the most important places in our lives. However, we are not always careful about the safety of this vital space. Know out 7 of the main mistakes in home security.

Do not close doors and windows. Not locking doors and windows, even if we are out for a short time, is one of the most common mistakes, and it means making it easier for less well-meaning people to access our home. This is also particularly relevant at night, so make sure you have all your doors and windows closed tightly.

In addition to closing, place strong locks on the exterior doors and on easily accessible windows place interior locks or guard rails.

Install false security cameras. Make a mistake if you think this is an effective solution. In fact, the lack of authenticity of the system can be easily detected by intruders, which puts your home at even greater risk.

Hide the key. Under the carpet, in a vase or inside a fake stone… Having a hidden house key is never a good idea, precisely because intruders know these tricks and go looking for them. A safer alternative might be to leave the key with a relative, friend or trusted neighbour to whom to turn whenever necessary.

7 errors in home security Segurtec™

Show consumption of high-value goods. Have you bought a television, a new computer, a watch or a sound system? Don’t leave the boxes/packaging of this equipment in plain sight. Tear up the boxes and put them in bags or recycle – if possible.

Give the impression that there is no one at home. When we are away for a considerable period of time from home (for example during holidays) it is normal to leave the blinds closed and return with the mailbox full of correspondence. There is nothing more denouncing that we are not at home and that this is an ‘easy prey’ for intruders. In homes equipped with intelligence (home automation) it is very easy to create scenarios and routines. If you don’t have an intelligent home, you can ask someone you trust to collect the mail and pass the house, open the blinds during the day and turn on some lights at night, thus creating an idea of movement.

7 errors in home security Segurtec™

Very easy and predictable passwords and codes. Dates of birth or marriage, family or pets names are important, but not to use as a password or code for security systems. Similarly, combinations like 12345 or 11111 are enough used and simple. Remember: the easier it is for you to know the password, the easier it is for the intruder to discover it.

Do not have a security system installed. Perhaps the most drawer error when it comes to security. Thinking that ‘it only happens to others’ and that our house does not need protection is the right step to a false sense of security. Having a reliable alarm system is an investment that will give you greater security and ensure that any attempt at intrusion is detected.

When it comes to home security, there are several options on the market, with different features, functions and prices. Contact us and find out the best solution for your case.