Covid-19: how companies can adapt

March 20, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is a public health issue that requires a concerted effort by all to contain its spread. An effort that means a great challenge for all people, companies, organizations and countries that will have to adapt their way of being and living.

In this article, we give some tips for companies to get through this troubled time in the best way.

1. Ensure the safety of your employees

If the company does not close its doors, it must ensure maximum security and the lowest risk of contagion of its employees. Therefore, it must follow the recommendations of Public Heath Organizations and implement al the measures needed.


2. Opt for video calls and videoconferences

For many businesses, meetings and meetings with clients or potential clients, employees, business partners and others are part of everyday life and essential to the functioning of the organization.

In these cases you can and should choose to hold video calls and videoconferences that will allow you to meet with people of interest without being in the same physical space. With this type of solution it is possible to share files from different media, speeding up communication and reducing travel costs.

Segurtec can present you some solutions and discuss the real needs of each case. Learn how to contact us here.

Covid-19: how companies can adapt Segurtec™


3. Try teleworking

Teleworking has been adopted by many companies, enabling employees to do their work at home. For all companies that can choose in this situation, it is advisable that they do so.

To better articulate this situation, the company may inform its employees of techniques and tips to maintain productivity and concentration or even define with each employee the most priority tasks.

Another essential aspect is to maintain permanent contact with all team members. To this end, the company can establish a day and time for a weekly meeting in which the whole company participates, for example, through videoconference.

Covid-19: how companies can adapt Segurtec™


4. Keep the facilities secure

The issue of safety does not only apply to more personal safety and public health. At a time when many businesses are closing or operating ‘half gas’, keeping the facilities protected and guarded is also extremely important. Among the solutions that could be adopted are the traditional CCTV cameras and motion sensors, which monitor activities and movements throughout the day. For greater peace of mind, these systems issue alerts that can be received by the owner on his smartphone or by email, wherever he is.

Another solution is the video verification after alarm service. Through this technology a Wi-Fi system is installed and when an alarm is triggered it triggers the transmission of an alarm event – associated with an advanced visual verification – to the central receiver or to the end user. This type of solution can be applied inside or outside the installations, being possible to check and view video remotely, through mobile phone, tablet or PC.

For any questions about security systems, contact Segurtec. We have a team with more than 20 years of experience and a wide range of solutions available.


Once again we remind you of the importance of all of us making an effort to return day by day to normality as soon as possible. For any questions and clarification about the Covid-19 pandemic, please visit the pages of the reference bodies, such as the World Health Organization.