Essential security systems in enterprises

March 13, 2020

Although it is a global and general concern, the issue of security is even more pressing for shop and business owners, who need to ensure the security of facilities, equipment, products, employees and visitors.

Check out the systems that can not be missing in a business.


Video surveillance

To ensure that everything is well protected and safe, the best option is to install video surveillance cameras at key points.
Video surveillance systems consist mainly of a set of cameras placed in strategic locations, which capture and transmit images to a video management system. This system allows the recording and viewing of the images, if necessary.

In addition to peace of mind for the owners of the business, video surveillance also has the advantage of transmitting greater confidence to all visitors to the space.


Motion sensors

Motion sensors can be installed anywhere in the business premises and in a very simple way.

One of their most common applications is in art galleries, museums and jewellery shops as they contain pieces of great value and exposed to the public. In these cases, the motion sensor is connected to an alarm that signals the presence of any person within the established safety radius and protection.


Access control

This type of system is composed of a set of subsystems that allow the management of a building and the control its users.

With several potentialities and functionalities, we highlight the limitation of access to certain places and according to a given time and the registration of the movements made by each person.

Essential security systems in enterprises Segurtec™

Anti-theft system

This is a system that can be of three types: with Acoustic Magnetic, Radio Frequency or Electromagnetic technology.

The Magnetic Acoustic technology has very specific characteristics that guarantee an effective protection with very wide distances. Ideal for the textile retail sector.

The Radio Frequency technology allows users to capture information about an object through radio frequency. The most common method is the storage of a serial number that identifies an object or information on a microchip. It is the ideal solution for retailers in the fashion sector or for large distribution.

Electromagnetic Technology works through a magnetic field that is produced by electric power, offering a three-dimensional detection.


Fire detectors

Because in a company or business there are more dangers than the threat of intrusion, theft or vandalism, one of the great dangers is the occurrence of fires on the premises and the presence of carbon monoxide.

We must not forget that the occurrence of a fire can have serious effects, such as infrastructure and equipment damage, and important implications for the safety of people. A system capable of detecting fire at a very early stage or a high presence of carbon monoxide is essential to ensure the safety and normal operation of any business.

In this article we briefly explain the main security systems for a business. For more information, contact Segurtec. We are at your disposal to clarify all your doubts.