Home Technology Designers at “Conversa Com”

June 3, 2020

Vítor Mendes, CEO of Home Technology Designers, was the guest of this week’s “Conversa Com”  in connection with Smart Home Show – Salão de Domótica.

The conversation started with a small approach to the adaptations made by the brand during the Covid-19 pandemic and a general explanation about Segurtec – the company that owns the brand.

In a fluid and rhythmic dialogue, the several advantages of having an intelligent home were approached, demystifying the idea that Domotics is only “a set of functions through a switch” and that it has to be something expensive.

It was also discussed the set of factors that create a less favorable image of Home Automation and the future of the sector.

The expectations are for a greater awareness of the Construction and Real Estate companies, in the sense that consumers are also more aware of their needs in terms of technology and energy efficiency in their homes.

There was also time to talk about the current situation in the world, the future of the country and the activities that are most desired to be accomplished once the pandemic situation is under control.

Watch the full interview below.