Intrusion alarms: everything you need to know

November 7, 2019

Intrusion alarms systems are one of the best solutions for passive security, protecting an object or space and notifying the owner of any violation of the areas under protection.

This type of alarm is used to signal danger situations, specially in the case of intrusion or robbery, but it can also operate as a signal of other dangers such as fire detection, gas detection and flood.

An intrusion detection system consists of peripheral devices, placed in a strategic way, which will ensure the spaces’ surveillance and protection.

Peripheral devices can be divided in 3 types:
1) Detectors;
2) Command devices;
3) Alert devices.

Detectors are devices that, as the name says, detect a typo of violation and report it to a control panel. Among the detectors for intrusion alarms are the passive infrared sensor detector (which uses the principle of passive detection of the amount of infrared emitted by a body) and the magnetic contact (used to protect doors and windows and which, when opened, trigger the alarm).

Command devices: are devices that allow the users to interact with the system. Such devices include remote keypads (which allows the introduction of codes, programming and interaction with the security system); remote control (allows to arm and disarm the system) and the communicator (an instrument that can allow the user to access remotely to the control panel and do all the control operations as if using a control panel).

Alert devices are devices that can send the alert when an event occurs. Examples of this type are sirens (acoustic and luminous alert) and the telephonic communicator (modem that can communicate alarms ou any other detailed information to a central arm receiver ou phone number previously programmed).


Besides the peripheral devices, we can also distinguish types of protection, with different characteristics and more suitable solutions.

Interior – to interior protection it can be installed motion detectors. Normally, they are PIR (Passive Infrared) detectors ou double-technology and magnetic contacts, installed in doors and windows that functions as access to the protected local.

Perimeter – In this type of protection, detectors are installed outside in order to protect the perimeter. Technologies that can be used include infrared active beam barriers; the fence detector and magnetic contacts.

Objects – this is a type of protection widely used in art galleries and museums that have objets of great value.

Anti-thief – type of protection often uses in shops and commercial ares and involves the installation of magnetic barriers at exits.

Technical alarms – Used to detect other hazards such as fire, flood or gas leakage.

Intrusion alarms: everything you need to know Segurtec™


Advantages of having a intrusion alarm system:

Among the great benefits of intrusion alarms system, there are the following:

  • Immediate response to the intrusion;
  • System designed for each area;
  • Security of people, property and spaces;
  • Less damage.

Having an intrusion alarm system is a major asset in the protection of objects and spaces, with different devices and solutions that suit the different needs of surveillance and protection.

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